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Latest Photos

Mould below Electrical Socket

Mould grows in an Elpishstone apartment, right under an electrical socket.



Latest Photos

 Mould above skirting

More mould grows above a skirting board.

Welcome to Elpishstone..... Welcome Indeed!

Elpishstone is based at Fenwick Road in Glasgow, and is soon to move its headquarters to Greenlaw Park, near Newton Mearns. This company develops residential land and commercial projects throughout Scotland, and are currently building The Mansions at Cunning Park, Ayr.

We had the misfortune to buy a property from Elpishstone, and although we dealt with Elpishstone in all aspects of buying the property, we were told to make the cheque out to Holyrood Services. We have now found out that this company did not actually employ anyone, and that the two Directors of Holyrood Services were also a Director and the Chairman of Elpishstone.

Initially our problems began with sales staff, who had very little knowledge of what was going on, and countless delayed move-in dates. We finally moved in over a year late, and even then it was clear to us that the building was far from being habitable. We had endless snagging issues after moving in, for which Elpishstone, when they bothered to communicate, blamed contractors rather than their own obvious mis-management.

Bizarrely, so we heard, Elpishstone denied they were responsible for the build and said that they were only "consultants" for Holyrood Services, which turns out to be a disposable "front" company set up by Elpishstone's chairman, Kenneth Ross OBE.

Holyrood Services then went into administration. Elpishstone headquarters denied liability, and a Director laughably suggested the only connection between them and the build was the Chairman - even though all the sales brochures, letters, e-mails and staff contacts were associated with Elpishstone HQ in Glasgow. Customer care at its finest!

So please read on if you want to avoid needless problems, extreme stress, misinformation, time-wasting, and high costs of dealing with a property company whose selling points don’t match the reality. We and 70 odd other residents have the true experience of how Elpishstone really do business, and have been on the receiving end of their unique “stringent customer care”.

Why are we doing this? Simply because we want to warn other people of the potential problems they may have by buying from this company - or any property company for that matter. We want this web site to reflect the truly appalling time we and others have had in dealings with this developer. We suggest you take their company's "commercial and cultural values" with a very large pinch of salt.